Stirrings of the Soul

Elle G.
Bridge to Teribithia 

I have often wondered if there is something wrong with me.  Am I calloused? Hard-hearted? Insensitive? Ignorant?

These are odd thoughts for a youth to have, I might thing, and throughout the years I have had disturbing and relieving news on the topic. I finally came to this conclusion: I ought to cherish the things that move me.  “Steward the stirrings of your soul.” as Communication professor Dr. Paul Patton is fond of telling his students.

Discovered on an old college blog of mine – publishing for posterity in its present condition: minimal and incomplete. 



“It’s a Dangerous Business…”

It is the duty of every Spring Arbor University Communication student before graduation to have reached the climax of their undergraduate career and claim the title “credible, creative Christian professional.” That is the goal of this “mass mediated artifact” or as I see it an expanded online resume.

Take what you will – just know that I would prefer to buy you coffee and sit down together rather than have you interact with me solely through this venue.  However, that is not the world I have chosen or, indeed, the world as a whole.  We live in a technological society full of transformative communication.  I have fought it as long as I could, but now that I enter the world of professionalism I choose to dive in head first into this dangerous pool of internet presence.

I hope you enjoy my offering.

(Credit to J. R. R. Tolkien – The Fellowship of the Ring for the title.)